Terms of purchase

Returns and complaints

When buying in Stilhem's online store, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal according to the Distance Trading Act, which takes effect from the time you receive your product. The return is paid for by the buyer. Open purchase only applies to consumers (private individuals), not corporate customers. If you want to return your purchase, let us know before you send back your return. You are legally responsible for the product until it has arrived at Stilhem Sverige AB, goods that have not arrived will not be refunded.

Return items may not be sent against cash on delivery / cash on delivery. Return shipping is paid by you as a customer.

In order to return a product, it must be in essentially unchanged condition. This means that if you choose to take the product out of the original packaging, you are responsible for protecting the product properly. The product must also be able to be packed back in the original packaging or equivalent packaging in the event of a return. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the right of withdrawal, or if you want to cancel your purchase.

Please note that each copy is unique and therefore color shifts may occur. The pictures are examples and the shade can vary compared to the picture.

Personal information


When you shop from an online store, ours or someone else, you leave information about yourself. Where you live, what email address you have and what you shop for. Here we describe how we handle your personal information.

The basis of everything we do is to treat our customers as we ourselves want to be treated, always. This also applies when it comes to information.

We hope you feel comfortable with how we process your personal information and want to continue shopping with us.


The General Data Protection Regulation is an EU regulation that regulates how we may process personal data. It replaces PUL (Personal Data Act) from 25 May 2018.

You can read more about the law and your rights on the Data Inspectorate's website.


We collect as little information as possible. The information we collect is the information required to be able to fulfill our commitment to you and for you to be able to fulfill your commitment to us (ie pay for your order).

In order for us to offer you Klarna's payment methods, we need to share some of your personal information with Klarna, such as contact and order information, so that Klarna can assess whether you can be offered their payment methods and to tailor the payment methods for you. <. br>
More information about Klarna can be found here . The use of this information is regulated in accordance with current data protection laws and Klarna's data protection policy.

In addition, we of course need to know which products you order and we need your e-mail address and telephone number to be able to contact you with delivery notice, changed information, etc.


We use the information to process your order. We use your e-mail address to be able to send information to you if you request it. If you no longer want information from us, you can easily cancel further information letters via a link in the information email and will then never be contacted by us again.


We store information for accounting technical reasons. We need to be able to present documentation to the tax authority.


The information we save is only available as a basis for the financial transaction and is retained for legal reasons and can therefore not be deleted

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at kontakt@stilhem.se


When you shop with us, your order goes through several steps so that we can process and send your goods to you.

We work with the following systems / suppliers and your information may need to be processed by some of these.

  • Shopify - our webshop solution
  • PayPal - if you pay with PayPal
  • Klarna - if you choose to pay with Klarna
  • Shopify Payments -if you choose to pay by card through our webshop.
  • Fortnox - our accounting system


Our CEO is responsible for data protection and is responsible for ensuring that all employees are familiar with how we process information. If you want to contact our data protection manager, you can email: kontakt@stilhem.se


We use cookies. We do this to be able to store your goods in your shopping cart.

We also use Google's "Google Analytics" and "Google Remarketing" services. These services also use cookies. Here you can read more about what it means to you.


We never give away your information to anyone else (except the above required to fulfill our obligation to you).

Exceptions are made if for some reason we are forced by law or court decision.


You have several rights under the GDPR. We have always respected our customers, so for us it does not matter much except that it is now a legal requirement.

You have the right to be forgotten / deleted.

You are entitled to an extract from the registry.

You have the right to have any information corrected.

You are entitled to data portability.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of data.

You have the right to submit any complaints regarding the processing of personal data to the Data Inspectorate.

Terms of purchase


You will find stock status and delivery time on the individual product pages.


All prices in the store include VAT and are stated in your chosen currency. The prices apply if no other agreement has been made. Upon confirmed order, the prices can only be changed by circumstances that STILHEM SVERIGE AB does not have control over. STILHEM SVERIGE AB reserves the right to make errors in pricing. Should the price change, the customer has the right to cancel the purchase free of charge.


Shopify Payments, one of the world's largest payment providers, handles all card payments on our site. Please note that we at STILHEM SVERIGE AB never handle your sensitive information such as card numbers, this to make you feel safe.

Klarna's payment options:
Together with Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, we offer the following payment options where payment is made directly to Klarna:

● Pay within 14 days: Payment time is 14 days from the shipment of the goods. The terms for payment within 14 days can be found here .

● Account: Klarna Account is an account credit provided by Klarna and which gives the borrower the opportunity to pay part of their purchases monthly with at least 1/24 (minimum SEK 50) of the total utilized credit amount or in accordance with the terms approved at checkout. information about Klarna Account including general terms and conditions and Standardized European Consumer Credit Information can be found here .

You can find more information about Klarna here and can read their terms of use here .

In order to offer a set of different payment options, we need to share your personal, contact and order information with the provider of each payment service. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy .

The use of this information is regulated in accordance with current data protection laws and Klarna's privacy policy .

Standardized European Consumer Credit Information

Consumer Purchase and Distance Contracts Act

When you shop via the Internet, the Consumer Purchase and Distance Contracts Act applies. This law protects you as a consumer when you make purchases at a distance. Warranty is provided in accordance with the Consumer Purchase Act. STILHEM SVERIGE AB also applies the Consumer Purchase Act's right of complaint. You can read more on the Swedish Consumer Agency's website

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