Murgröna with base, total hight 84 cm

Product image 1<transcy>Murgröna with base, total hight 84 cm</transcy>
Product image 2<transcy>Murgröna with base, total hight 84 cm</transcy>
Product image 3<transcy>Murgröna with base, total hight 84 cm</transcy>

Regular price 9 990 kr

Swinged handles and relief decoration of lions. Fluted bowl. Blue bronze patinated. Loose column with relief decoration.

Material Cast iron
Color blue bronze

Urn height 49 cm
Urn width 59 cm
Urn length 53 cm
Weight 55 kg

Height of the base 35 cm
Width of the base 36 cm
Length of the base 36 cm
Weight 30 cm

Total height 84 cm
Total weight 85 kg

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